• Three Upcoming Events in Los Angeles

      23 Hours Off the Mat—

      Using the Yoga Sutra for a Successful Life

      Friday November 7th

      Golden Bridge, Santa Monica, California

      A good hour of yoga gets our prana flowing, and for a few hours we feel like we could do anything! But is there some way to keep this prana going? Can we channel this prana to be successful in our career, and in our personal relationships?

      Geshe Michael Roach spent 25 years in a Tibetan monastery, and learned how to keep the prana going. He has helped start a $250 million dollar business to save the Tibetan refugees, and helped thousands of people keep their prana going with his bestselling self-help classic, The Diamond Cutter.

      Come spend an evening with Geshe Michael to learn secrets from the ancient Yoga Sutra that can keep you happy, successful, and loving for the other 23 hours of the day!

      Conquering Procrastination

      tips from the Yoga Sutra on how to get things done

      that you’re supposed to do

      that you don’t feel like doing

      Saturday November 8th

      Black Dog Yoga, Sherman Oaks, California

      We all have lots of stuff that we’re supposed to be doing that we don’t feel like doing: like our daily yoga practice, or our taxes, or starting on that new healthier diet. And then we do lots of stuff that we don’t need to be doing right now: like cruising Facebook or taking a cookie break.

      Learn how to change course, with ancient wisdom from the Yoga Sutra that really works, right now, for you. An afternoon with Geshe Michael Roach, who spent 25 years in a Tibetan monastery, and author of the bestselling self-help classic, The Diamond Cutter.


      That Decision in Your Life Right Now—

      Use the Gita to Make It!

      Sunday November 9th

      Yoga Works, West Hollywood, California

      Almost all of us are facing some kind of major decision in our life, on any given day. We all have our own tools for making decisions like this, and we do the best we can. A 2,000 year-old spiritual classic, the Bhagavad Gita, can provide us a new tool for making that big decision in our life right now. Come learn this tool in a Sunday afternoon talk at Yoga Works, given by Geshe Michael Roach, the first American to complete the 25-year training at a Tibetan monastery, and author of the bestselling self-help classic, The Diamond Cutter.

    • A Deep Study of the Yoga Sutra

      The Yoga Sutra was written by Master Patanjali in India about 2000 years ago, and is considered the source of almost all the great teachings on yoga.  It is organized around the ashtanga, or eight branches of yoga, which include not just the physical exercises but also things like meditation, mental calmness and proper breathing.
      If we get the chance to learn the Yoga Sutra in an authentic presentation, it not only transforms our yoga practice completely, but gives us tools that we can use to succeed in every part of our life.  The same teachings that help us become a complete master of physical yoga also unlock the secrets of our inner body – the channels and chakras.  And this allows us to go on to change the entire world around us, to help both ourselves and everyone else in our lives.
      A yoga teacher who has a good basic understanding of the Yoga Sutra can do a lot more to help their students, and thus becomes a really complete teacher, in much greater demand.
      This 20 hour intensive covers all the main ideas of the first pada or chapter of the Yoga Sutra, and teaches you how to apply them in real life.  It will be taught by Padma Yvonne and Roger Jaques, whose teachers include Lama Marut, Geshe Michael Roach, Lama Christie McNally, Baba Hari Dass and Sri Swami Muktibodhananda Saraswati.  Padma and Roger spent seven years in deep study of this and other Sanskrit texts – more than 2500 hours – and followed this up with nearly three years in deep, isolated, silent retreat.
      When?              April 3 – 6, 2015
      How much?    $250 includes course manual – 20 contact hours for RYT’s
                                  Drop ins:  $15.00 per hour of class
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